Yongkang Shiyi Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, located in China's hardware capital - Yongkang City, an area of ​​10,000 square meters. The company is specialized in producing electric cookware, kitchen supplies business, the main production and sales, including electric frying pan, electric pizza pot, electric barbecue, electric wok, electric hot pot, smoke-free wok and other products.
      The company has the shell stretching, die-casting, stamping, electric tube furnace brazing, high frequency back to the end, the workpiece surface phosphating, sandblasting, non-stick spray processing, accessories mechanical finishing, electrical assembly, testing and other advanced production lines The
      I produced the company's silly kitchen licensing series of cooking products since the market has been favored by the vast number of consumers, consumers have been satisfied with the product, consumers trust products, many times by the national authority of the testing agency for qualified products, the state Quality department designated as assured products.
      CS-F, CS-F, CS-1, CS-G, CS-P, CS-K, CS-Y, CS-T, CS-F, CS- CS-CS, CS-CS, CS-CS, CS-CS, CS-CS, CS-CS, CS-SL CS-WAS3, CS-WAA, SK-L, SK-P, SK-WD and other series models have passed the China Quality Certification Center testing, in line with the implementation of 3C certification standards.
      2016 silly fake trademark was Jinhua City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau identified as Jinhua City famous trademark, 2016 Yongkang Shiyi Electric Co., Ltd. was Zhejiang Province Administration for Industry and Commerce identified as the title of well-known enterprises in Zhejiang Province, by the relevant local departments in recognition and reward , Has received the honor of Zhejiang Province A-Shou contract re-credit enterprises Jinhua credit management model enterprises Jinhua consumer trust units.
      Sincere cooperation to meet customer needs is our goal, is willing to fool kitchen appliances can be accompanied by your laughter life!